The first appointment of the Beach Cleaning project, organized by Valigeria Roncato in cooperation with Worldrise association, met an enormous success, both for the number of visitors and for the incredible results obtained.

Worldrise is responsible for promoting the protection and enhancement of the marine environment through projects and initiatives that become a driving force for professional growth, for young people, and for sustainable development.

On Saturday the 5th September, starting at 11 am, at the free beach of Sottomarina di Chioggia (VE), a group of forty volunteers undertook a beach cleaning activity on the Venetian coast to protect our seas.

The data is really significant: in less than two hours about 900 waste was collected from the coast, including polystyrene waste, plastic bottles and bags, cigarette butts and aluminum cans.
An important milestone that made the difference: cleaning the coast ensured that the debris did not return to the water.

Valigeria Roncato is proud to have supported the project and provided concrete help in the fight against marine pollution. The Paduan company intends, in fact, to continue with other activities in support of the environment and the coasts, convinced that together we can achieve great goals, for ourselves and for our territory.

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RV Roncato has always been committed to environmental support, through investments in the development of skills, in the innovation of processes and products, all in the awareness of the value of reusing resources.

The eco collections are available online on the official website, in monobrand stores and at official retailers.

Another important initiative organized by the company concerns the collection and scrapping of old rigid suitcases to encourage, through a discount, the purchase of a new suitcase, in the Milan stores in via Durini and at the Vicolungo store outlet.