RV Roncato enriches the collection in 2016, introducing and highlighting with different colors and functional details, new accessories lines which confirm the excellence and the brand’s commitment to meeting requests, even the most discerning of travelers and professionals.

Ironik introduces new colors on her line: the brilliant emerald green, orange and cherry. Thanks to their light weight and functionality, the trolley Ironik are handy and perfect for every adventure, reflecting the spirit of the young globetrotters to discover the world. Equally Superlight is the new Real Light line is the greatly reduced weight, its great strength. The choice of soft tissues, finishing details and colorful inserts give a sparkling touch to any look travel.

Looking to professionals moving frantically in the urban environment including a commitment to work and the other, RV Roncato presents the new Biz 2.0 Office line, sober and refined aesthetics of the PC port handbags, business folders, trolley PC and all other accessories of the line, combines the convenience of dividers pockets, cell phone holder, pen holder and labels that suggest and facilitate the specific function of each ‘compartment’.
Always dedicated to the business area, the brand presents for the collection Clio two new anthracite and dark blue in addition to the hue of the already existing black, ecru, orange and dark brown. Versatile and characterized by a minimalist design, this line is designed in soft and super light fabric to ensure maximum protection to the electronic device and durability.
Even the Panama collection is enriched with three new products accessories in fine nylon with faux leather inserts and custom details for aesthetics more aggressive and sophisticated. Panama, like all RV Roncato lines, is designed by paying attention to a design of forms that combines excellent functionality.