Roncato Brooklyn

The Brooklin Revive collection is born from the constant research in the eco-friendly field that Valigeria Roncato carries out and from the desire to give our support to the environment, both with the study and design of eco-sustainable products, and with the improvement of the efficiency of production and management processes.

It is a line made of recycled pet, in three colors: black, denim and military green. This fabric was produced from PET bottles that are ground and reformulated into granules which are then extruded to become yarns. The collection consists of a sack backpack, organized in two compartments, a simpler and faster one-compartment backpack, a single-shoulder backpack and different models of baby carriers and shoulder bags to satisfy everyone’s tastes, always in strict respect for nature.

Valigeria Roncato’s attention to environmental issues is very high: the internal department that is dedicated to the development of new products is constantly looking for raw materials that impact the environment as little as possible when the product itself is discarded. We aim at the creation of durable items to avoid waste as much as possible.

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