Roncato Crosslite

The Crosslite collection meets the needs of those looking for a capacious, resistant and at the same time designed bag respecting the environment. It is a rich and complete collection, made up of 2 and 4 wheel expandable trolley sets, trolley backpacks of various sizes and other travel accessories. The peculiar feature of the line is the internal lining, made of RPET, that is a recycled fabric, made from the fragments of plastic bottles that are thus put back into circulation, in an eco-sustainable way.

Roncato CrossliteThe company’s attention to environmental issues has always been very high, both at the level of production processes and at the level of ethical commitment, understood as a value rooted in the company’s modus operandi. All this is expressed both at the level of product design and at the level of behavior that the company collaborators maintain during their stay in the company headquarters, where separate waste collection has been practiced for many years, trying to minimize the use of energy and to optimize the resources available (paper, printers, etc …).

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