The Université Paris Ouest-Nanterre and Sid are together for a new project between teaching and business. As part of the collaboration with local companies, always looking for new opportunities of product and process innovation, it will be Valigeria Roncato, to take advantage of this collaboration that sees the Design students of prof. Kamel Ben Joussef, professor of marketing at Université Paris Ouest-Nanterre, and the students of the third and final year of Scuola Italiana Design, training division of the Galileo Visionary District.

A synergy that sees the students of Paris Nanterre work on aspects related to product marketing and those of Scuola Italiana Design, on the other hand, to think about the most creative aspects related to the project.

The ones from their Parisian classrooms and the others from their creative laboratories of Corso United States in Padua will exchange ideas and objectives to transform an educational path into a detailed proposal to support the development of the Roncato brand.

If that between Paris Nanterre and Scuola Italiana Design is an unpublished collaboration, it is not at all that between Valigeria Roncato and the Galileo Visionari District of Padua.

Among the components of the Style and Development department of Valigeria Roncato there are also some former Sid students, in the company to work on product innovation and brand image.

«Since many years till now, Valigeria Roncato and Scuola Italiana Design has been discussing the development of new ideas» explains Cristiano Roncato, Managing Director of Valigeria Roncato Spa. «The fresh and original proposals of the Sid students, always guided with competence and professionalism by their teachers, are for us the opportunity to create new products. A fruitful relationship also from the Human Resources point of view, one of the strategic nodes of growth of companies that want to play a role in global markets. In fact, from Sid we obtained not only proposals and ideas of great interest but also trained and competent professional figures. About 80% of the human resources of our Style Dept, in essence the Roncato Research and Development division, are in fact former students of Sid ».

“We are proud,” says Emiliano Fabris, director of the Galileo Visionary District “of a partnership that offers our students not only an operative gym between teaching and the world of work but also concrete opportunities for work in their own field of study.

We are also proud to offer local companies international collaborations for the development of ideas and projects that enrich the educational path, while at the same time continuing the path of growth of the offer of services to companies that have an increasingly international look »

Galileo Visionary District is the Science and Technology Park of Padua. Born in 1997, it is a joint-stock company for which the reference partners are the Chamber of Commerce of Padua, the Cassa di Risparmio di Padova and Rovigo Foundation, the Municipality of Padua, and the University of Padua. Its mission is to support the competitiveness of the territory through the provision of support services to the innovative processes of companies, especially in the areas of design (in the industrial, digital, graphic and brand design), innovative materials and related technologies, (technological scouting and technology transfer), support for business development and the birth of new innovative companies, marketing and communication.