Closed for Covid-19, let’s reopen against Covid-19!

Idea Plast, Valigeria Roncato and Meca2 start the fight against Covid-19: converting part of their production plants for the production of long-lasting masks.

Given the health emergency that we are experiencing and which also needs concrete help from local companies, we have decided to respond to the urgent request for protective masks that become more and more indispensable every day.

The idea was born from Sandro Galdiolo, owner of the Idea Plast company, with the collaboration of our company, Valigeria Roncato and of Meca2.

We thought, in fact, to take advantage of the close collaboration already in place between us for the production of our core business and to put ourselves at the service of the community.

We are three companies that have always worked together to make suitcases and travel items, in our headquarters in Campodarsego, in the province of Padua. Today we cannot close our eyes to what we are experiencing and as entrepreneurs we feel compelled to act as soon as possible for the safety of our Italy. Having our production site in Italy we thought of converting our plants and machinery for the realization of what there is greater need today.

We have created a plastic mask, durable over time, which only needs to be washed and / or disinfected and can be reused several times, changing the filter.

The latter is, in fact, removable and is inserted inside the mask itself, covered by a protection ring. By removing the ring nut the filter can be easily replaced.

25 filters ready for use are included with the mask.

To deal promptly with this moment of such a severe crisis, we are ready to donate the first 10,000 masks and we are in contact with the Veneto Region to establish the appropriate delivery methods.

Having the opportunity to convert our production lines quickly is an act we are proud of, it shows us that the choice to continue producing in Italy, in the Veneto region, has been a winning choice over the years, not only to guarantee the quality of the our suitcases, but also to be able to pull out, in a difficult moment like this, our strength and our ability to react. Being able to make ourselves useful also allows us to hope more concretely to get out of this crisis in the shortest time possible, making sure to resume our normal activities as soon as possible.

The desire and the possibility to travel will return soon, now is the time to be there and to help our community.


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