Valigeria Roncato is one of the promoters of the “Borghi d’Italia” photography competition, conceived by Touring Club, free, open to all, from today until 28 February 2018, with rich prizes, including some Rv Roncato articles.
The competition starts right in the year that the Minister of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, Dario Franceschini, dedicated to the villages in Italy. An opportunity for those small and tiny capitals of knowledge and art that can be the hub for the growth of environmentally friendly tourism, with an appreciation of their artistic, natural and human heritage. For its part, the Italian Touring Club since 1998 selects and certifies with the Orange Flag the excellent hinterland of the Inland: the Orange Flag was thought from the traveler’s point of view and his visit experience and is assigned to the places that not only enjoy a valuable historical, cultural and environmental heritage, but they can offer the tourist a high quality welcome. To date, there are 224 Municipalities of the Orange Flag, in all Italian regions.
The theme is really easy to develop: in the shots it will be clear and evident the uniqueness that characterizes many Italian villages with less than 15,000 inhabitants. Of course, they can be good also the villages, if less than 15 thousand inhabitants, the townships and the small settlements. For more information: