Finally we return to dream … and to travel!

Desire to escape is powerful, the road map for the summer is ready.

RV Roncato returns to communicate with an important advertising campaign.

In fact, throughout the month of July, the new Ypsilon collection animates the screens of the country’s major stations. The goal is to achieve maximum coverage on the territory, through the main destinations and hubs in Italy, from north to south.

The format of the spot is a 10 ‘that runs on LCDs positioned in the areas of greatest transit, visibility and communicative strength are ensured. The new Ypsilon collection, entirely designed and produced in Italy, is made of polypropylene, with a view to the respect and sensitivity towards the environment of Valigeria Roncato.

PP is a 100% eco-friendly material, recyclable and requiring very little energy to be produced. RV Roncato already favors its use from various collections, demonstrating that it has undertaken – among the first in the luggage sector – a path of increasing sensitivity and green awareness.

To this end, the company has set itself two important short-term goals: to use at least 50% of the energy consumed from renewable sources within the year and to use only recycled fabrics in its processes by 2024.

New Ypsilon allows for greater internal capacity thanks to expandability and has, in the cabin version, a USB socket to recharge your electronic devices.

Its protective corners make it particularly resistant to shocks, while maintaining the lightness and flexibility of the shells. It has a 10-year guarantee that allows the consumer to be able to use it for a long time, extending the life cycle of the product according to an effective circular business model.