We are very happy to announce that from this year we are sponsors of Donnavventura, providing travelers with trolleys and travel items.
After over 30 expeditions, Donnavventura wants to trace new paths, aware of its past and history, but with a new voice, even more courageous and vibrant.
Alongside the story of the journey, the main narrative thread of the programme, the stories of these women will emerge, their feelings, their emotions and reactions to the different emotions that a journey like those of Donnavventura can arouse.
The adventure woman of the future is a girl who is not afraid to say what she thinks, she is not ashamed of her own ideas and forms, she is not frightened by challenges or intimidation, she is a free and strong woman, who lives every experience with great openness, to discover and discover oneself, embracing an increasingly inclusive and undoubtedly green world. Because attention to the environment and responsible tourism have been the fulcrum since the origins of the program.
Donnavventura 2.0 will therefore be an ECOSYSTEM made of TV, digital diversification and real events, in the area, guaranteed by the community of over 150 thousand candidates ready to participate.