Wednesday, May 22, 2024

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

is an action program signed by 193 member countries
of the United Nations in which 17 macro-objectives
are set to be achieved by 2030 to ensure
fair and ecological development of our societies.

fully share the intentions of the 2030 Agenda.

Responsible consumption and production are part
of our business philosophy, and are issues on which
we spend every day through our activities.

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The fabrics of some of the collections we have made are in recycled pet.This fabric was produced from PET bottles reformulated into granules which were then extruded to become yarns. The use of recycled materials like this is, in our opinion, a driver important for our contribution to the protection of the planet. We’re planning to use only recycled fabrics and / or fabrics from renewable sources by 2024.


Our research and development department is always looking for materials deriving from post-consumer and / or renewable sources, to be used for the production of our travel items. Already now, during the manufacturing process of our suitcases in polypropylene, the waste resulting from the production itself comes put back into the production cycle in order to eliminate waste.


Roncato Made in Italy suitcases are guaranteed for 10 years, allowing the consumer to use their baggage for a longer time e thus extending the life cycle of the product. Everything in order to limit scraps and waste.


Roncato suitcases are made from as many components as they can be easily repaired or replaced, in order to stretch as much as possible the life of the product, with a view to limiting waste.


We have chosen this icon to identify our eco-friendly collections, to communicate to our consumers, in a simple and intuitive way, our attention to the environmental issue:



Our service centers are located in all the countries where we sell. If the products are meant to last a long time and are repairable, support a circular business model.


Italian production IS SYNONYMOUS WITH QUALITY AND SAFETY IN THE TIME OF PURCHASE. Our supply chain is controlled, we have suppliers with whom we have been working for years and which we consider reliable; the materials we choose for our precautions are safe for health, respecting European standards impositions. If raw materials are selected and the production is followed in detail, the product lasts longer over time and the initial purchase costs are amortized over several years. From the sustainable and circular design of the product, which consider durability, modular and decomposable parts, we move on to production, partially replacing virgin raw materials with raw materials from post-consumer and / or industrial waste.


Our suitcases produced in Italy are part of the 0 km logic: they reduce CO2 emissions because they do not have to be transported by distant production sites.


If products are meant to last a long time, they support models of circular business.

Our suitcases travel the world,



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