We are an Italian company, used to dreaming and making you dreaming, convinced that traveling is a “comfort” for soul and mind, aware that research and innovation always leads to new horizons.
We also need you and your help to save our dream of adventure and freedom! Choose to be by our side and face the challenge of this present with us to plan our future! Be brave!
Follow your dreams, respecting the rules and others!
Let’s fight together, to face this new adventure ..

Our stores safely reopen and await you. If you prefer, you can also make an appointment with our store managers and be followed individually during your purchase.
Here is the list of our Italian stores:

VALIGERIA RONCATO FLAGSHIP STORE, via Durini 4, 20122 Milano (MI), tel. 0221065502, milano@roncato.com

Roncato C/O VICOLUNGO DE STYLE OUTLETS, Piazza S. Caterina 1 28060 Vicolungo (NO), tel. 0321875958, vicolungo@roncato.com

Roncato C/O FRANCIACORTA OUTLET VILLAGE, P.zza Cascine Moie 1 – Porta 11, 25050, Rodengo Saiano (BS), tel. 030611523, rodengo@roncato.com

Roncato C/O OUTLET VILLAGE PALMANOVA, Località Joannis Unità 21,33041 Aiello Del Friuli (UD), tel. 0432837800, palmanova@roncato.com

Roncato C/O CASTEL GUELFO DE STYLE OUTLETS, via Del Commercio 4/2,40023 Castel Guelfo di Bologna (BO), tel. 0542670674, castelguelfo@roncato.com

Roncato C/O VALDICHIANA OUTLET VILLAGE, via Enzo Ferrari 5, 52045 Foiano Della Chiana (AR), tel. 0575642054, foiano@roncato.com

Roncato C/O SICILIA OUTLET VILLAGE, C.Da Mandre Bianche – Benefizio,94011, Agira (EN), tel. 0935594131, agira@roncato.com

Roncato C/O OUTLET VILLAGE MOLFETTA, Via Dei Portuali Unità 56,70056, Molfetta (BA) , tel. 0803382403, molfetta@roncato.com