Roncato Ironik

The Ironik collection has been designed in Italy and it is suitable to meet the needs of customers who love to travel in a practical and functional way. It’s made up of 2 and 4 wheel trolleys, bags, backpacks and other accessories such as the multinecessaire,
the beauty case and the garment bag.

Body fabric is made of nylon and polyester to ensure resistance and lightness, while the inner lining is made of 100% recycled RPet. The front pockets allow you to have many items at hand and the interiors are organized with elastic bands to block clothes, dividers and compartments. Double wheels are for greater product stability and have a sporty and captivating design.

Luggage has TSA triple combination lock (Travel Sentry Approved) for travel to the United States The collection is available in 4 standard colours (black, red, midnight blue, anthracite) and in spot colours.

Ironik is a transversal line with a sporty character suitable for all needs.