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With the Relife collection, Valigeria Roncato intends to carry on a path connected to the attention towards the environment, which has always characterized its history, through the research of innovative materials, coming from recycled products as much as possible. The name “Relife” aims at representing the concept, which is very dear to us, of giving life to materials that otherwise would remain unused and would contribute to make the environment “dirty”.

Relife has been entirely designed in Italy and, in addition to being a high eco-sustainable content collection, it’s rich in very important details and features that make it a unique product in its category.

It consists of a large trolley, a medium trolley and a cabin trolley, all with 4 double swivel wheels and with the notable characteristic of being easily REMOVABLE thanks to a system entirely designed and created by our company. In fact, unlike others on the market, this wheel has a clip mechanism protected by the wheel itself, making accidental loss impossible.

The innovative design and the structure of the wheel offer the product greater stability and maneuverability also allowing, thanks precisely to the fact that the wheels are removable, to have a larger size of the trolley available and therefore greater internal capacity, while still respecting the rigid mandatory measures imposed by airlines.

relife espandibileThe trolleys also have an expandability system which increases their depth by 5 cm, achieving the following load capacities:

  • Large Trolley – da 110 a 128 litres
  • Medium Trolley – da 85 a 100 litres
  • Cabin Trolley – da 44 a 55 litres

The cabin trolley, for example, which reaches a height of 60cm with its wheels, thanks to the wheel REMOVAL system allows, once removed, to reach a height of 55cm, which is the size of the luggage on board permitted by most airlines. Therefore, if at the time of boarding it should be noted that the luggage is higher than permitted, it’s possible to remove the wheels with a simple click and, thanks to the convenient case provided at the time of purchase, store them comfortably in a pocket or directly inside your luggage.

relife interno valigia

The inside of the trolley is made up of two large compartments equipped with dividers and straps with snap closures, with which to easily secure clothes and shoes and improve the internal organization of the trolley itself.

The ZIP that joins the shells is called SECURITY ZIP: it’s a special zip that allows it to be much more resistant to the pressure that occurs when closing a suitcase compared to common zips.  Moreover, the security zip has the characteristic, very important for the safety of your luggage, that it CANNOT be opened easily as it happens with normal zips.

The trolleys are equipped with a TSA (TRAVEL SECURITY ADMITTED) combination lock system, required by some airports in order to be able to easily open the baggage for customs inspections during stopovers in countries such as the United States.

relife portanome in sugheroAll products have an address holder made of cork; also this measure is aimed at reducing waste.

The service handles are ergonomic, made specifically for easy and comfortable transport, and retractable, to minimize the size of the trolley and the accidental problems that can occur during transport by airline employees.

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The commitment of Valigeria Roncato S.p.A. to respect the environment:

This product represents Valigeria Roncato’s commitment in using raw materials deriving from recycled post-consumer materials as much as possible: the shells, the fabric of the zips and the expandable system, in addition to the internal lining, are made of RPET, a material made from recycled bottles.

This proves Valigeria Roncato’s will to safeguard our planet. By purchasing this trolley, in fact, you will contribute to the protection of the environment. Less plastic waste will be released into circulation because plastic is used to produce essential parts of this product.

roncato relife

From the calculations we have carried out, in fact, to make the components of a small trolley it takes around 55 plastic bottles, to make the components of a medium trolley it takes around 91 and to make the components of a large trolley about 116 are needed.

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