We Are Eco - Mele Alto Adige

The latest born in Roncato’s house is the We Are Eco collection with an apple-based membrane: ecological, recyclable and vegan!
The last layer of the shell of the We Are Eco trolleys, in fact, are made with a post-consumer vegetable material: the waste of apples from Trentino-Alto Adige.
The use of the apple-based membrane, which constitutes the last layer of this trolley, is a natural and sustainable choice: this material, in fact, is made by transforming apple waste, cores and peels, with a production process with low environmental impact. Apple scraps, i.e. core and peel, are dehydrated, cooled and ground. This method allows to leave their sugar and cellulose content unaltered, which gives elasticity to the material. The second step involves the creation of a mixture of water, apple flour and a glue, necessary to produce a sheet of about 6mm thick, with a resistance of 90 kilos per square millimeter. This sheet is waterproof.
The apple membrane is therefore made with a low environmental impact and has a maximum yield: the result, in fact, is a very soft fiber with a pleasant appearance, resistant, absolutely cruelty free and environmentally friendly, since it is completely recyclable and ecological.
More than half of the national apple production is concentrated in South Tyrol alone. Each year the juice and jam industry discards about 500,000 tons of apple peels and cores, which are even considered “special” waste, expensive to dispose of. The production of the apple membrane and its use are therefore confirmed as a valid alternative: from a waste to a natural and sustainable choice.

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