Valigeria Roncato, sponsor of the Touring Club of Italy’s “Monumenti d’Italia(Monuments of Italy) photo contest

Valigeria Roncato had the pleasure of sponsoring the “Monumenti d’Italia” (Monuments of Italy) photo contest which was promoted by the Touring Club of Italy and ran from November 2018 to March 2019.

Over 1500 shots of Italian monuments were posted and thousands of users voted for the best shots in the various categories.

This very successful photo contest aimed to promote the wonders of the Italy, ranging from the most popular and visited places to the less touristy yet equally as welcoming and worthy locations.

The Touring Club of Italy is continuing its census of Italian monuments through its publications and initiatives and as a result, Valigeria Roncato will award each contest winner with a Set of the new Speed suitcases.


The young and dynamic design of the Speed collection embodies pure Roncato DNA.
The colour details enhance this line and shape its identity. Many colour options are available for this wide range of models; there are even 5 hand luggage options that comply with the luggage restrictions imposed by various airlines. The ideal travel companion for those who love to travel!


Here are the photos that won the “Valigeria Roncato” award on

Community 2. “Pietre di fede nell’ora blu”
Oratorio di San Benedetto, complesso monastico di San Pietro al Monte di Civate (Lc)
Author: Mauro Lanfranchi
2nd place on Community – concorso fotografico Monumenti d’Italia, Touring Club Italiano


Community 3. “Raggi di luce”
Cattedrale di San Sabino, Bari
Author: Stella Troccoli
3rd place Community – concorso fotografico Monumenti d’Italia, Touring Club Italiano