Updated May 2019.

Are you travelling with EasyJet? Here is a guide to help you with choosing the best fare, luggage measurements, and new services and limitations. All you need to fly without unpleasant surprises.


Among the new policies introduced by the airline company EasyJet we bring to your attention the hand luggage measurements included in the standard fare.size-easyjet-2019

For hand luggage there are no weight limits and the maximum dimensions are
56x45x25 cm (handle and wheels included). 
If you are looking for hand luggage with the ideal dimensions we recommend Trolley Cabin Speed.
One item of hand luggage remains included and free of charge but it is not guaranteed you can carry it on board.
The overhead luggage compartments hold approximately 70 pieces of hand luggage, so your trolley may be stored in the hold and not in the cabin with you. Be aware!

For Flexi clients and EasyJet Plus card holders a second piece of luggage is allowed in addition to the free hand luggage for placement under the seat in front of you, with dimensions for this additional bag of 45x36x20 cm (the dimensions of a purse or computer bag).


Our new Hands Free service allows you to travel lightly, quickly and worry-free.
What does it offer? The service proposed by EasyJet offers travellers the possibility to eliminate the hassel of luggage.
Simply drop off your hand luggage at the luggage check area for EasyJet Plus, it will be labelled “priority” and returned to you upon arrival as the first off the conveyer belt.

The traveller has the advantage of passing through security in a faster and less stressful way, quickly completing the boarding process.

In this infographic you can find a summary of the new EasyJet policies.