Last update 11 March, 2019

What has changed on Ryanair flights?

Since November 2018 the Ryanair airline company has introduced new flight regulations for the dimensions of hand luggage. The airline had considerably reduced the size of the hand luggage allowed, causing numerous controversies and protests.

rV_RONCATO_MEASURES_2019_SMALL_BAGThe new sizes of hand luggage on Ryanair flights have changed from only 35x20x20 cm to the new 40x20x25 cm dimensions.

Recently, following a decision made by the Antitrust, an official notice acknowledges that Ryanair’s decision was an “unfair commercial practice in that the consumer gets deceived regarding the actual price of the ticket” specifying that “by the basic fare no longer including an essential element of the aerial transportation contract such as large hand luggage”.

Sanctions were therefore imposed by the competent authority as a result of the fares’ lack of transparency with regard to the end consumer. The passenger must not sustain any additional cost for the transportation of hand luggage, which must always be allowed since it is an integral part of the air ticket.

What happens now if I fly RY?

Nothing changes, until April 2019!
As soon as new information becomes available, this page will be updated.

Currently, if you fly Ryanair, hand luggage is not included in the flight fare but is specified as an extra cost. Only one small bag, measuring 40x20x25 cm, is accepted on board: this must be placed under the seat directly in front of you.
Overhead bins will continue to be reserved for passengers with priority embarkation.
After April 22, deadline envisaged by the Antitrust for the notification of the measures adopted, new rules will probably be introduced on board Ryanair flights.
If you have travelled, or will be travelling with Ryanair, we suggest you keep the ticket as those passengers to whom a surcharge was applied will probably be refunded.

Prices and sizes of luggage on RY flights?


At the moment on Ryanair flights, besides a small bag (40x20x25 cm), additional luggage (for a fee) can be accommodated in the cabin in the specific overhead bins, with maximum weight of up 

to 10 kg and measuring 55x20x40 cm. To find the correct trolley you can consult the wide selection of baggage accepted on Ryanair .

Here is a brief summary of Ryanair costs for on-board luggage.

For those purchasing a “Priority” ticket (with Flexi, Flexi Plus or Family Plus tickets): 6 euro per leg.
Before boarding with an on-line purchase (up to 40 minutes before): 10 euro
At the airport check-in: 20 euro
At the embarkation gate: 25 euro

We would advise you to check all the information on the airline company’s website.