“The future of the oceans and of our entire planet is in our hands. Each of us in his own small way can make a big difference” – Mariasole Bianco, Co-founder of Worldrise, explains the mission of her association: to promote the protection and enhancement of the marine environment through projects and initiatives that become a driving force for professional growth, for young people, and sustainable development.

Worldrise is an ONLUS created by young people for young people, which develops projects for the conservation and enhancement of the marine environment through a path focused on awareness, creativity and education. Worldrise projects are coordinated and implemented by involving young students and recent graduates to facilitate the acquisition of professional practical knowledge and train future custodians of the Italian natural heritage.

At Valigeria Roncato, designing and developing our collections with a new awareness and greater attention to the environment,  we are committed to give our contribution to the protection of the world around us and have decided to support Worldrise in the realization of some projects . The first among them is the cleaning of the free beach of Sottomarina on September the 5th! We look forward to seeing you to clean up the beach of plastic and other waste and do our part in the conservation and preservation of the marine environment. A small act that, carried out together, can really make a difference!

For more information on Worldrise: www.worldrise.org