After the huge success of last season, on RAI 1 the fourth set of the TV show “Che Dio Ci Aiuti ” who chose trolleys and bags RV Roncato as travel accessories in the daily affairs of Sister Angela – interpreted by the good Elena Sofia Ricci – Riviera and Azzurra that has the face of Francesca Chillemi, Ex Miss Italy 2003. the sophisticated design and functionality of the trolley hardcase still have contributed once again to choose RV Roncato brand for television and film productions always very appreciated by the public. In particular the show “Che Dio Ci Aiuti 4” have been used the versions One Zip Deluxe elegant champagne tones and fine details in 100% Italian leather, premium ZSL Carbon Edition with the black and blue color and One Zip ZSL in blue . These trolleys are the perfect combination of super light weight and impeccable aesthetics, thanks to the use of polycarbonate – which makes them even more elastic and resistant accessories – and the ‘soft’ and rounded lines.