To shoot the new images of Valigeria Roncato, for the new 2022 collections, we have chosen, in addition to the renowned town of Peschiera del Garda, and the worderful hotel Le Ali del Frassino (inside the homonymous natural reserve), also the romantic village of Borghetto sul Mincio. The charm of this Borgo’s history can be felt in the unique atmosphere of this place suspended between sky, water and earth. In the “village of the mills” the signs of the past are everywhere: on the stones of the buildings, in the traces of the ancient Romanesque church of Santa Maria, in the magnificence of the Visconti Bridge which is reflected on the Mincio. Here we have chosen Corte Regia, a relais that overlooks the river and with a magnificent view over the whole village.

In addition to these places, some other pictures were taken in Milan, inside the Gesto restaurant, a restaurant that makes sustainability its vocation, minimizing food waste: small portions to share, use of all the components of the raw material, intelligent processing and preference for seasonal ingredients and from local producers. All values that our company also shares and carries on in its productions.