For this type of trip, or should I say experience, soft luggage is perfect! It ideally adapts to the type of space available, which is limited.

The essential things to take are: a swimming costume, sun protection cream (really important because your skin will be exposed to the sun and wind all day long), flip-flops, t-shirts and long-sleeved t-shirts for the evening, an anorak, sunglasses, a straw hat with a broad rim, a scarf, a bandana, a pair of shorts for the day and trousers for the evening.

For women, we recommend taking a hair-removal kit in your beauty case, as well as everything you need for personal hygiene, including shampoo, oil to protect your hair and a lotion to soothe any sunburn. Leave your closed toe shoes, or (even worse!) shoes with heels, at home: you won’t need them! A sailing holiday is a sports holiday!

For snorkelling fans: don’t forget to take all the equipment you need.

On a sailing holiday, you usually take one piece of luggage each, since the space is limited. Don’t forget to take seasickness medicine with you just in case you need it, and something to help you get to sleep such as melatonin. Also remember your mobile phone battery charger and a power bank, an electrical adaptor, a camera with its waterproof case, your e-book instead of traditional books and a backpack, for your smallest things and wallet, which you can take with you when you get off the boat.

And have fun!!!!