Updated 28 May 2019.

Are you travelling with Ryanair?

Here you will find a brief guide updated after the most recent changes introduced by Ryanair airlines.
All you need to fly carefree and purchase the right luggage to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Among the new policies introduced in 2019 we remind you that hand luggage in the cabin or to be checked in is no longer included with the purchase of a flight, only a small bag to stow under the seat.

size_ryanair-hand-luggageIt is free for the traveller to bring on board a bag with the following dimensions 40x20x25 cm (dimensions of a small bag or rucksack). We advise you not to overpack the bag to avoid eventual fees from the company.

For hand luggage, the dimensions are 55 x 40 x 20 cm, with a maximum weight of 10 kg.

The latest policy adopted by Ryanair is the new “small trolley” fare, the possibility to check a trolley (55 x 40 x 20 cm), even without Priority fare, starting at 10 euros added to the price of the flight.

Please be aware, the trolley must be checked in at the luggage counter and not at the gate, and will be stowed in the hold!

Check the dimensions of your luggage to avoid problems at the gate.
How to choose the right hand luggage for Ryanair?
Ryanair hand luggage with the correct dimensions is available at the Roncato Luggage Online Shop.

To address limitations, the company has introduced the Ryanair Plus service which allows travellers to purchase a fare that includes the flight ticket, checked luggage up to 20 kg, priority access, 2 pieces of hand luggage to bring on board, and advance seat selection.
This service allows priority boarding which guarantees you may bring your hand luggage on board.

If more luggage allowance is needed, the traveller may add up to three checked bags for an additional fee.
Checked luggage dimensions for Ryanair are 119 x 119 x 81cm, up to 20 kg.

Have a good trip!