The TSA lock is a simple combination lock, approved by the US TSA. If you travel to the USA, in fact, you should make sure that your suitcase is equipped with this type of lock because every suitcase can be opened and inspected by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration). So-called “TSA locks” have been developed to prevent luggage from being damaged in order to be opened and inspected. They are accessible with a master key that only TSA employees can use to open and close suitcases.
The TSA standard is not available only in the United States. According to Travel Sentry lock manufacturer, security personnel and airport authorities in 25 countries use the system, including Turkey, China and Australia.

The TSA lock is identified by the company logo (a red diamond shape on a white background) and the locks are always numbered (TSA001, … 002). These codes serve as an indication to the authorities to know which main key they should use.

There can be different types of TSA closures, depending on the suitcase model.
Here are our most common locks and how to set your own combination.