In this article, we discuss how to make the women in your life happy, especially those who love to travel! If you can’t afford to give them a whole vacation as a gift, then take a look at some other practical and functional gift ideas that will surely be appreciated. These gifts can then be used while travelling!

The backpacks

There are many different backpacks that can come in handy during a trip, such as very colourful, or plain, or those with a multitude of pockets or even basic backpacks. Laptop and tablet bags are also very comfortable and super fashionable. There are even backpacks with wheels that become handy trollies! Especially useful for travelling on trains, planes and for walking long distances.

Duffle Bags

For daily and short trip use, these soft handbags are very large and practical, coming in various colours and sizes, and, when combined with the shopper and cabin bag, they are perfect for air travel.

Purses and Necessaire Cosmetic Bags

These are simple, useful little bags that carry everything you might need for make-up and cosmetics. Some even have little pockets inside for smaller items.

Leisure Bags

Suited to travelling, but also for leisure time spent shopping in cities, the women’s bags from the Free Time range are functional, practical, full of inside pockets for carrying the most diverse items, with top of the range capacity and utility without sacrificing an ounce of fashion and glamour.