Dear travellers … summer is ending, but we do not lose the desire to discover new corners of our fantastic world and never stop thinking about our next destinations!

The suitcase is our most trusted and loyal companion; in it, we invariably store the cherished possessions we need when we are away from home. Here are some tips to keep your suitcase close to you at all times!

Put your name, address and telephone number on your suitcase; it is very useful, since it allows you to be contacted immediately in the event of misplacement: it is important to list the address of your destination, where you can be located during your trip! In case of very short trips, however, we recommend that you list your regular residence’s address.

Some suitcase collections, such as Unica, feature an integrated nametag and the E-lite collection includes an elegant leather nametag.

When you check-in your luggage, the airport operator will place a tag on your suitcase, bearing your name, flight number and destinations included in your itinerary. This information comes from the reservation system. If you intend to modify the itinerary you originally booked, please let the airport operator know when you check in.

Each one of your checked bags will be assigned a number. The number is evidence that your bag(s) has/have been checked-in. It is important to keep your numbered receipt until the end of your travel and the time you claim your luggage upon arrival. Tip: make sure the number of labels you receive during your check-in corresponds to the number of bags checked.

From the check-in area, your luggage is placed on a conveyor belt. The conveyor belts take bags to the point in which they are loaded on carts based upon flight number and destination. Automated scanners read the tag code on the suitcase, sending it to the correct loading area. Tip: remove all belts, hooks and other objects protruding from the bag before placing it on the tape.

Bags are then stowed into the dedicated aircraft compartment, usually using another conveyor belt. They can be positioned horizontally and stacked on top of each other. Although bags are secured with nets or straps, they can move during the flight, especially during takeoff and landing, because of the inclination of the plane. We therefore recommend not to include fragile items inside your luggage.

Many suitcases coming down the conveyor belt in the Arrival area may look like yours. It is quite easy to grab someone else’s luggage by mistake; it happens often! Therefore, we urge you to check the tag on your luggage before leaving the Arrival area!

The only label on your luggage should be the one bearing the information of the flight on which you are about to embark. Remember to remove old labels before each flight, so as not to confuse your baggage handler.

An additional special tip we can offer is to place a calling card inside your suitcase! Not everybody is accustomed to doing it, but this is a really useful tip, just in case.