The first thing you should ask yourself when you are about to buy a new suitcase is: “what would I need it for”? People who travel extensively for work have baggage requirements different from those who travel for leisure. Once you have decided which luggage to purchase, it is important to read the warranty information contained inside so that you know what types of damage the Manufacturer is willing to cover. Most of Rv Roncato luggage is guaranteed for 10 years.

Before your embark on a trip with a used piece of luggage in tow, it is important to make sure that your travel bag is sturdy enough to withstand baggage handling through airport systems.

Do not travel with a suitcase that does not close completely: if you think a strap is need to hold your luggage together, chances are that your bag will not survive your trip! Do not check-in a suitcase that was designed as a carry on. Most travel bags, especially those that are upholstered, are soft and, therefore, not sturdy enough to be checked-in.

Furthermore, we strongly recommend you not to overload your luggage in a manner that puts stress on the zipper, which, no matter how strong, may still break.

Therefore, give serious consideration to replacing your old suitcases: if you have had them for a while, it is likely that they can no longer adequately withstand rough airport handling operations!