One of the worst things about a delayed flight is that feeling of discomfort you get when you are there, sitting on a bench waiting (and hoping…) for your flight to be finally ready at the gate. We rarely manage to discover directly from home that our flight is delayed or cancelled. Much more often, we learn about it when it is announced and we are already queuing at the gate.

The announcement messes up our plans in a few seconds. What can we do but sit and wait? Well, yes. Rarely will someone explain the reasons why the plane has been delayed, which places us in limbo: Shall I go and have lunch or wait? Shall I go shopping or won’t I have time? Or perhaps I should stay here hopeful?

Then clearly, as if the situation were not difficult enough, the airport often does not give any concrete help to alleviate the bad situation. And what is the outcome? We have spent hundreds of euros on something that has gone wrong. Do we receive an apology from the airline company? No, just from a flight attendant.

But do you know that there are rights and safeguards in such situations? AirHelp

AirHelp is a company that can help passengers to argue their case and rights. Passengers are entitled to much more than a statement of apology.

Law EC261 protects passengers in such circumstances, guaranteeing them compensation from €250 to €600 depending on the distance of the route and not on the price paid for the airline ticket.
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Regulation EU261 specifies that in the event of cancellation or delay, the airline company should be obliged to provide, in addition to financial compensation:

  • A seat on the next available flight to the final destination
  • Meals and drinks appropriately in relation to the waiting time
  • Telephone calls, fax or e-mail messages
  • Accommodation at a hotel if it is necessary to stay over one or more nights

Requirements regarding the flight in order for you to be eligible for compensation:

  • A delay of at least 3 hours
  • Cancellation of the flight
  • Departure from an airport in the EU or arrival at an airport in the EU with an airline company based in an EU country.


Try never to delete e-mails regarding your flight bookings and, if possible, always take a photo of your boarding card if you choose to print it and not use the one on your smartphone. All these little tips will allow you to more easily and quickly pursue a claim.