Have you decided on the perfect gear and organised all of your clothes and shoes into a suitable luggage? Well, then! Now is the time to think about your beauty bag and everything in it, keeping in line with airline regulations for transporting liquids.

We suggest that, if you are going on a plane journey, you should always check your airline’s rules and regulations. In any event, our portable liquid case will definitely be useful. It consists of vials and small bottles in various colours and with several nice graphics.

Inside your beauty bag you will additionally put your toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush and your care and beauty essentials, at your discretion. Check the list of objects that you may, or may not, carry on the plane, such as nail clippers or cutters, razors… Don’t forget a small first aid kit and your usual medicines if you need them. Think of multifunctional products. For example, Argan oil, can be used as moisturiser, hair conditioner and as a remedy for acne… Coconut oil can be used as moisturiser, hair conditioner, shaving cream, eye makeup remover and after-sun cream.

Other very important features include the technological accessories like the scale for weighing your luggage both before leaving for the trip and specifically when returning, and the power bank for charging your devices. The covers for protecting your bags are also incredibly useful.