There are those who prefer long holidays and those who, instead, for work, personal reasons or simply because they are lovers of the “touch and go” prefer to move over the weekend to nearby destinations and more frequently.

Let’s think, for example, of those who live in large and chaotic cities: on the weekend they want nothing more than to escape from routine and breathe!

Many packages of tour operators offer short trips, from Friday to Sunday, also often used as a gift.

The beauty of the short holiday to spend on the weekend is that it does not require much organization or notice. You can see that the weather is nice and simply go! You don’t even need to spend much time organizing and packing, you can use a duffel bag or a wheeled duffle and go!

The beauty of living in Italy is that near every city there are places to spend the weekend, without going far. Here are some examples and suggestions. Those who live in Milan are spoiled for choice among all the mountain resorts of nearby Switzerland, the lakes, the sea both in the west (Liguria and Upper Tuscany) and in the east (Venetian coast). Those who live in Rome have the sea at their doorstep or even regions like Tuscany and Umbria that really have a lot to offer. Those who live in Naples have at their disposal the marvelous Amalfi Coast and the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida. Not to mention those who live in Bari, Palermo and Cagliari!

Our whole peninsula is dotted with dream locations, all to be discovered and reachable by land transportation and not only by plane. The low cost airlines have made their fortune by offering, even to us Italians, low cost flights to be used to spend the weekends in European cities, just think of how they started to expand, offering Milan-London flights and return at super advantageous prices . Yet all we need can be seen simply by opening our windows and looking at the wonderful Italian landscapes and locations. After a week in the office, don’t you feel like taking the car and leaving? Even just to visit that village near your home that you have heard so much about and that you have never had the opportunity to visit? You will surely find something worth going for, even for a short weekend.