It’s certainly much easier to pack your luggage for a holiday in the mountains in summer than to pack a suitcase for a skiing holiday in winter!!! For a walking holiday in the mountains in summer the essentials are: a hat, sunglasses, backpack, anorak and a water bottle for long routes (alternatively, a bottle of water will do!!). You need to wear layers, including a light t-shirt next to the skin, preferably made of breathable technical fabric. It is essential to choose the right shoes for hiking. They must be comfortable and sturdy, and preferably waterproof! A wool pullover is also useful for the evenings, when the temperature will certainly be lower than during the day. It is important to remember to take a swimsuit, flip-flops and bathrobe to use at the pool or at one of the wonderful wellness centres situated in many mountain resorts!

Do you like cycling? Mountain biking is the perfect sport to do in the mountains in summer but you need suitable clothes and right shoes!

Duffle bags and soft suitcases are recommended, since they have plenty of space and are not a problem in terms of weight if you are travelling by car to your chosen destination. We can suggest various backpacks that are the most suitable for hiking and walking, which are colourful and spacious as required.

In such cases, our handy foldable accessories are useful. And don’t forget to take an umbrella with you to avoid being surprised by sudden downpours, which are typical in summer!