viaggio ecosostenibile roncato

The issue of eco-sustainability is increasingly relevant since, fortunately, an increasing number of people are realizing the importance of maintaining more responsible behavior to try to protect the environment. From the attention to recycling to the purchase of eco-sustainable products, the most attentive people can implement a series of initiatives to make their contribution even while traveling. An example, when going on a camping holiday, cleaning the area used for parking well, putting waste in the appropriate areas, is a virtuous behavior to be easily adopted.

Here are other useful tips to follow when planning your holidays.

-use alternative means of transport to the car, such as trains or electric buses, where available and move along some ways by bicycle can be a good way to help the environment and also do some exercises.

– book “green” hotels or ecological accommodation such as campsites. There are a large variety of hotels that have been built with full respect for the environment and are managed in such a way as to impact the environment as little as possible, by searching online you will find many, in every part of the world. There are also more particular accommodations such as tree houses, igloos or more traditional and low-impact ones such as mountain huts, where there is often not even electricity.

Recycle when you can and avoid ordering room service: disposable containers produce a lot of waste. Avoid waste water and use bath towels for several days, avoiding to change them when it is not strictly necessary, turn off the air conditioning when you are not in the room and keep it on as little as possible, favoring the outside air, keeping the windows open.

– buying local products, when traveling, helps the local economy and zero-kilometer production, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions, since the objects produced do not need to be sold and therefore moved elsewhere, to others markets.

– there are also suitcases and backpacks made with environmentally friendly materials that, in order to make their own contribution to the environment, would be preferable to others.

The trolleys of the Box collection and the Y collection are made of polypropylene which is a 100% recyclable material.

When thinking about your next trips or buying your suitcase, make sure that your choices respect not only your needs, but also those of the planet. The possibilities are there, you just need to be able to grasp them.

– also think about actions to be taken before leaving such as unplugging unnecessary appliances such as TVs, desktop computers, microwaves, kitchen appliances and other electronic devices. They can still absorb energy when connected, even if they are turned off.

-if you are in the mountains for a trek or to climb a mountain do not leave garbage lying around and take them to the valley with you, throwing them in the special recycling bins. If you find waste abandoned by other people, be careful to collect it. Avoid tearing the flowers and stepping on stretches of bushes not foreseen by the marked paths.

These small precautions, multiplied by all those who decide to respect them, can really make a big difference for the Planet in which we all live.