Viaggio in moto

In this case, a distinction needs to be made between luggage for men and for women: men do not usually have any difficulty in reducing the amount of clothes to take on holiday but this does not equally apply to women!! If you are women passengers of boyfriends or friends, we still recommend keeping your luggage to a minimum. Motorcycling holidays are fantastic but they are not the most practical in terms of luggage!!! Naturally, you must not forget essential things such as medicines, especially if you are going to a foreign country, and you need to avoid two of everything: you will not be able to take 3 or 4 pairs of shoes in addition to the pair you will be wearing. Perhaps, you can take an extra pair, but no more! Generally, a hot destination is chosen for a motorcycling holiday, however, in summer it is always necessary to take a waterproof jacket with you as protection against sudden downpours.

Roncato Adventure viaggio in moto
Roncato Adventure – Collection 2017

Backpacks are very useful, since they can contain clothes and things in addition to those you can pack in the panniers and top case of the motorbike.

It’s important not to forget resistant for at least 8 hours waterproof clothes.
For your motorbike bike  it might be useful to bring a chain to prevent theft, spare lamps for headlights, a can for the holes … and for you: sunglasses, earplugs, tissues, and of course tourism guides of the places you’ll be visiting, maybe specific for travel by motorcycle, with an indication of the most suitable places to spend the night on the road! and why not? Even a more elegant dress for the evening, a quick and easy dress, which has no folds problems, maybe in microfiber. We take for granted the presence in your luggage of: lingerie, beauty case, slippers … and photocamera !! Leave at home your paper books, too voluminous, and choose a ready-to-book paperback!