Have you just lived the most important day of your life and are you about to leave for a magnificent island lost in the ocean with your love?

Well, now it’s the time to pack! And if your wedding was perfectly organized by a very good wedding planner, you will only need a lot of patience to pack your suitcase!

The most important thing is to choose the right suitcase because honeymoons usually last at least two weeks and you will therefore need to bring many clothes with you, avoiding to wash them on site, of course.

In the case of a honeymoon, therefore, the secret, unlike other types of travel, is to bring more things than the necessary, in order to avoid being without a change of clothes during an elegant evening on the beach!

Few couples choose alternative destinations for their honeymoon, most choose traditional, exotic, peaceful and relaxing destinations.

For a two-week holiday, the suitcase we recommend is certainly the largest one, like these: https://www.roncato.com/en/pl/luggage/large-luggage.html

If you travel to the USA, don’t forget to use a luggage with a TSA lock.

Really important to pack everything you need for your life on the beach: different types of bikinis, flip-flops, sarongs, hats, t-shirts, shorts and more. Organizers could be very useful to pack everything in the best way: https://www.roncato.com/en/pl/accessories/luggage-organizer.html

It’s important to underline that often the exotic “honeymoon” locations require formal clothing for the evening, so you will also need slightly more refined and elegant clothes. Everything can hardly be contained, together with the necessaire, the documents, the camera, etc., in one bag.

Often, in fact, those who leave for the honeymoon, in addition to large baggage, also have another medium-sized baggage, to be placed in the hold, or a cabin baggage.

If you travel with expensive jewelry (or even with one with sentimental value!), keep them safe during the journey with a lock for your suitcase, if it does not have a suitable TSA closure. And don’t forget to store them in the hotel safe when you don’t wear them. Here is an example of a lock: https://www.roncato.com/en/pl/accessories/padlock.html

Finally, do not forget the passport and other important documents required for your travel.

Now you are really ready to go … And best wishes !!!!