Packing suitcases for all the family can be less stressful than you think, just follow some simple rules! One of the favourite means of transport for those who travel with the family is a camper van! To fit everything you require into a house on four wheels, you need to know how to optimise spaces. The good thing about holidaying in a camper van is that you can fully appreciate nature. There is little space inside but endless space outside! A journey in a camper van is an adventure that all the family will remember, an experience to try!

Here are six simple rules to make your journey easier:

  1. Pack your luggage according to the activities you will do. Try to think of everything you will organise while on holiday with your children, the sports activities you will do and the places you will visit. Then pack a bag for each activity, putting into it all the things your family may require. Accessories such as packing cubes can be a great help. Underwear and evening clothes, for example, can be put into a duffle (for this type of holiday, we recommend using soft luggage), whereas all the equipment for a day on the beach can be put into another. Then it will be easier to take a suitcase and fill it, for example, with everyone’s jackets.
  1. Reducing quantity: in this case, less is more. On holiday, we need fewer things than you can imagine. For once, we can also wear the same clothes. A holiday is for relaxing! Don’t bring your entire wardrobe, be minimalist!
  1. Pack clothes that are easy to wash, don’t need ironing and dry quickly.
  2. Pack your children’s toys and everything they need for activities during the journey, such as crosswords, puzzles, books etc., into a duffle or a backpack.
  3. Use spacious and durable luggage.
  4. Enjoy the journey and your destination!