One of the most popular holidays among young people is an Inter-rail trip: traditionally, immediately after finishing secondary school, youngsters seek an adventure, either alone or with friends to discover European cities by train.

It is usually a cheap, very enjoyable but also unpredictable holiday. It is not very comfortable and is unpretentious.

Before leaving, it can be very useful to plan a kind of itinerary, which will almost certainly be changed along the route, as well as a list of hostels and campsites where you can stopover if you are looking for cheap and easy solutions!

A very large backpack, or a wheeled backpack, is definitely the most suitable luggage for an Inter-rail trip. There are no specific limits to the weight of your luggage when travelling by train; it is highly convenient! But bear in mind that you will be walking a lot so the luggage you choose must be practical!

If you decide to stay away for a week, a relatively small piece of luggage may provide enough space. If, however, you are going to be away for longer, you will need to do your laundry along the way at handy token-operated laundries, widely found everywhere!

It is essential to choose the right backpack, with all the internal pockets you require! The best way to pack your clothes in your backpack or soft luggage is to roll them up. Packing cubes can be useful. It is important to separate shoes from clothes, putting them into a separate bag, whereas it is useful to keep your underwear all together.

Remember to take your electronic equipment: camera, memory card, power bank, phone charger, etc.

A tip for your beauty case: take one with an internal hook so you can hang it up. Finally, we recommend putting other various items (sunglasses, plasters, etc.) in a suitable bag and taking an empty bag for your dirty underwear.