“We are here today thanks to this mask. I always say that, however difficult it may be to maintain the production in Italy, our know how is something that can give wealth to our company but also to our country and territory.

In this moment of great difficulty, this know-how came in handy to try to help us in an emergency like the one we are experiencing. The need of these masks triggered the idea that we, with our production, could somehow be useful and do something for the country. With the collaboration of other entrepreneurs with whom we normally work in the luggage field we started to work hard and with the company Idea Plast, in the figure of Sandro Galdiolo, we created a product that respects the environment, is reusable thanks to the internal interchangeable filter. Having reconverted the production within 15 days was certainly something extraordinary that gave us a signal of strength. We felt strong in being able to do this to help our country. We are really proud of the results because having started with this production has also allowed us to bring people back to work who otherwise would have been home to layoffs.

Now let’s see in detail how the mask works: after inserting the elastics, making them pass through the plastic rings, insert the first filter and then the second, finally the plastic ring and the mask is ready to be worn”.

For more information: www.botect.it