Made in Italy

Since the company’s foundation in the 1970s, Roncato suitcases have been designed and manufactured in Italy.

What does it mean? It means that an entire supply chain is dedicated to do this, which is not a simple process at all.

Making Italian suitcases, in Italy, means to have a department of the company dedicated to the study and design not only of the product in general but also of each individual parts. Those involved in product design must be able to think of an aesthetically pleasing trolley, and in line with industry trends, perhaps anticipating them, and also functionally perfect. What are people looking to buy a new suitcase looking for?

They are looking for reliability: translated into practical terms, reliability means guaranteeing that the wheels will last during all their movements, that the suitcase is not only extremely light but also very resistant. An internal design study allows the company to quickly create prototypes as similar as possible to what the finished product will be and to carry out the necessary quality tests on them.

In Roncato there is, in the Campodarsego headquarters, a real laboratory where the quality tests necessary to guarantee the durability of a trolley are carried out: our Italian suitcases in fact have a 10-year guarantee and perfectly meet the consumer’s demand for reliability.

Producing Italian suitcases also means using the typical creativity of our way of thinking and working, which has made us great in the world. In addition to the more rational aspects, in fact, we always try to satisfy the consumer’s need to possess aesthetically pleasing objects.

Producing Italian suitcases also means checking closely and selecting all the suppliers involved in the supply chain: many of them have been our partners for many years and we have a truly solid relationship with them. The trust we place in them translates into the constant supply of controlled and impeccable quality components. Even the selection of the raw material with which the shells of the suitcases are made, polypropylene or polycarbonate, or the new material with which the We Are collection is made, the PP Compressed Matrix, takes place very effectively and under the control of experienced and prepared people. We collaborate with high-level engineers and designers and also take advantage of external consultancy to study the needs of the market and translate them into cutting-edge products.

Finally, producing suitcases in Italy means making zero-km products, in the true sense of the word. Our trolleys are born in the Campodarsego headquarters and are shipped from there to reach our customers, limiting travels of them to the minimum and consequently contributing, in a broad sense, to  the safeguarding of the environment around us.

For us, Made in Italy is not just a label but it is part of our corporate style and our daily work, it is the reality in which we have always lived!

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