Are you a lover of organizing tailor-made trips, suited to your needs and those of your family? Then it is good you know that some months ago the rules that have governed the purchase of tourist packages have changed, also and especially online. To protect the rights of all travelers from  the Member States, the European Legislator has introduced the Directive 90/314 / EEC, which in Italy has been implemented by Legislative Decree no. 62 of 21 May 2018. While the old legislation defined the tourist package as a trip, a holiday, a circuit, a cruise that in addition to being offered at a flat rate, included at least two elements, including accommodation and transportation or other tourist services not ancillary to transport or accommodation, such as an excursion or a rental car, now this description changes and becomes more detailed and targeted. The new European Directive defines the tourist package as a trip or a holiday that includes at least two of the following elements: accommodation, transport, rental of one or more vehicles and all non-ancillary services to accommodation, transport and rental. These services can be combined and sold by a single professional, upon selection and request of the traveler and combined into a single contract. This type of package is called dynamic packaging and allows travelers to personalize their holiday according to their interests and needs, by disconnecting themselves from a pre-packaged offer, free of customization. Just what you are looking for! The latter type of package is increasingly common given the high number of purchases that take place online. It takes the name of click-through and occurs when, for example, a traveler buys an air flight online, and the same platform offers him to rent a car without having to re-enter all his data, which are automatically sent by the first supplier with which the contract was concluded. And the “related tourist services”? What are they in detail? A practical example: when you buy an air flight, the same portal offers you to buy a room in the hotel and you complete the purchase in 24 hours. On the same portal, always buy a rental car within 24 hours: cars and hotel rooms are, according to the new regulations, related tourist services.

For further and specific details on the new regulations governing tourist packages, visit the MISE website

Now that we have clarified the new definitions of the tourist package, you just have to think about your next destination!

Have a good trip!